Food HacksPosted on 15.12.2017

Dishes that will make you feel like you’re on holidays

We’re counting down the days until the Chrissie holidays…and that means jetting off and living the hotel robe life. Bit if, like us, the piggy bank is looking (very) sad, we have the next best thing for you – noms that taste so authentic, you could trick yourself into thinking you’re far, far away. Here’s our roundup of the best dishes that will transport you to vacay vibes, if only for a meal 🙂

Pad See Ew (Phuket)

We never pass up tasty Asian food like fried rice and dumplings, but Thai food wins every time with the saucy pad see ew. Whether you choose the vegetarian option or throw in some meat, one bite of these delish noodles and you’ll be teleported to a Phuket resort with not a worry in sight.

Order pad see ew from Authentic Thai Delight, Liverpool, NSW

Spaghetti Bolognese (Italy)

Can’t get yourself over to Italy these holidays for some top-notch bites? Say no more cause we got it handled. We reckon you might be better off staying down under with some high quality Italian spag bol and pasta carbonara instead. Whether you prefer a tomato-based sauce or something so creamy it feels a lil naughty – one bite of these pasta dishes and you’ll picture yourself zipping through the Italian countryside.

Order Bolognese pasta from Soup Pizza Valley, Fortitude Valley, QLD

Nasi Goreng (Bali)

There’s a reason we call Bali our second home, and it’s not just because of the beaches. Then again, who needs to travel for hours, when you can order up an Indonesian food party of satay chicken, nasi lemak, mee goreng and of course, nasi goreng at your place? Nasi good!

Order nasi goreng from Wok Me, Manuka, ACT

Fish & Chips (New Zealand)

There’s nothing like ordering fish and chips takeaway, but we think you ‘cod’ do better… like order fish and chips delivery. You actually don’t need to move. Plus, you’ll be wanting a side salad, so why not get your local fishmonger to throw in a fresh prawn salad? Say kia ora to your delivery driver and watch the sunset in complete foodie heaven. Sometimes, simple things are all you need in life. Cheers, NZ!

Order fish and chips from Hungry Mouth Pizza & Fish & Chips, Frankston South, VIC

BBQ Spare Ribs (USA)

Nothing screams America more than a barbecue of pork spare ribs and smoky beef ribs that are cooked to absolute perfection. If you really want to get in the mood, throw on a cowboy hat, your best Western boots and say ‘yee-haw’ as you get wild with all that meaty goodness.

Order BBQ spare ribs from The Buffalo, Salisbury, SA

And for all your other takeaway needs, you know what to do.