Food HacksPosted on 17.09.2015

How To Turn Last Night’s Thai Into Today’s Brunch

Sometimes (but not often, let’s be honest) you get stuck with Thai leftovers.

Before you chuck them in the microwave or eat them cold straight from the fridge, check out your alternatives. We searched the web high and low to find the best recipes for your leftovers.

PRO TIP: When in doubt, a poached egg on top of anything instantly makes it breakfast.

Leftovers: Pad Thai | Brunch: Pad Thai Frittata

All it takes is a couple eggs, tomatoes or whatever fresh veggies you have lying around, your leftover Pad Thai, and hey presto – the best frittata you’ll ever eat.

For the recipe, head to INJI- Kitchen Adventures Of A Foodie.

Image via INJI

Leftovers: Stir Fry | Brunch: Stir Fry Pancake

Put those soggy leftover vegetables to good use by making a savoury pancake that only takes a couple minutes to cook!

Find the recipe at Convivial.

Image via Convivial

Leftovers: Rice | Brunch: Rice Pudding

Use any plain leftover rice – white, brown, long grain, what have you – to make this blissfully simple morning treat.

The Food 52 blog has the best recipe in our opinion.

Image via Food 52

Leftovers: Fried Rice | Brunch: Brekkie Fried Rice

Amazing for dinner, and even better for breakfast.

This quick, easy and hearty recipe can be found on the HapaNomNom blog.

Image via HapaNomNom

Rice Pancakes

These sweet, fluffy pancakes will make you want to order an extra serving of rice with your next Thai takeaway order.

Weekends and pancakes just go hand in hand, right?

Check out the recipe over at Merriment Design.

Image via Merriment Design

And when you just can’t be bothered…just microwave that last mouthful or two of noodles and dig in.

ORDER THAI TONIGHT and cover breakfast tomorrow 😉