Menulog NewsPosted on 28.03.2018

The Jumbo Burrito Challenge

We all love to sink our teeth into a good ol’ Mexican meal… but what about a 1KG monster burrito?!

My thoughts exactly, but let’s not spill the beans just yet.

My name is Scott (also known as @TheWolfofEatStreet), I’m a property developer with a passion for all things food. Having participated in a few food challenges, I was excited to hear about Menulog’s search for Australia’s Ultimate Food Tasker and decided to apply.

Lucky for me, the team at Menulog decided that I fit the job description of having ‘the appetite of a whale’, so here I am, about to travel the country to take on 5 amazing food tasks.

I was so excited that we’d be kicking off the challenges at Mexican Burrito Cantina in Surry Hills, because who doesn’t love eating Mexican surrounded by bearded hipsters?

The Task

The first challenge entailed a huge amount of tasty mince beef, sour cream, cheese, beans, Mexican rice and — to top it all off — a hot salsa sprinkled with jalapeños, rolled into 1 kilo of pure awesomeness. One. Kilo. The Jumbo Burrito really does its name credit and I was suddenly glad that I had a good workout earlier and skipped breakfast in preparation for this task. Either way: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

The Bottom Line

When this burrito arrived at the table I was sure they had the wrong table — the burrito was enough to feed a medium size family!

After getting in the zone and overcoming the sheer size of this thing, I chowed down and began feasting on this arm length burrito; it was absolutely delicious and I enjoyed every bite of it.

With other challenges I have felt the need to drink a lot of water (1-1.5L), but the contents of this burrito was so fresh, so juicy, that before I knew it I had tamed this monster burrito. Further to this, the structural integrity of the burrito was on point! At no point did it ever want to unravel itself onto my plate!

I left with a warm belly of contentedness, feeling of accomplishment and my first Ultimate Food Task in the pocket. So, what’s next? Misty’s Diner in Melbourne!

If you have a big appetite and are keen to try out the one kilo burrito challenge for yourselves…YOU CAN!