You Do Spring. We’ll Do Spring Rolls

You Do Spring. We’ll Do Spring Rolls

Spring has sprung, and along with the itchy eyes and the ‘ahh-choos’, it’s a time for delighting in all manner of food, bursting with the freshness of the season.

As the weather warms and we shed our layers, delectable dishes featuring the beautiful produce of this most glorious time grace our tables. It is any wonder some of the most popular meals have the word ‘spring’ featured? Take Spring Lamb, for instance, it’s revered for its sweet, tender meat. Chops, cutlets, racks ‒ think of the baa-nquets!

Along with the succulent meat, Spring Vegetables burst out of winter hibernation, lending their sweet, fresh flavours to family mealtimes and Sunday brunches. Tarts, salads, pies ‒ the list in endless. And don’t forget about all those lip-smacking fruits that come into season that are the star ingredients in your favourite desserts. Mmmm grilled peaches…

But, we bet you didn’t know the history behind one of Australia’s favourite entree ‒ and ‘Spring’ foods ‒ the irresistibly crunchy, yummy, Spring Rolls? It seems obvious, that these awesome appetisers are named after the season, but they represent a whole lot more! Dating back to Ancient China, around 265 AD, they were cooked on the first day of Spring to celebrate all the wonderful seasonal new vegetables eaten during the Spring Festival. Originally, Spring Rolls were thin, flat pancakes filled with vegetables. Over time, they evolved into the golden, deep fried, cylindrical finger food we all enjoy before a Chinese meal.

Did you know, hundreds of thousands of Spring Rolls are ordered (and gobbled up) on Menulog every year?

These days, Spring Rolls (which were actually the inspiration for the famous Chiko Roll), are not only filled with vegetables, but mince spiced pork, chicken or beef. While sweet and sour sauce is an obvious choice, other dipping sauces such as sweet chilli, hoisin and soy are also popular choices.

So this Springtime, while you’re falling in love, and baby birds are being born and all that other cliched stuff, order yourself some Spring Rolls and munch away to your heart’s content and know that you’re celebrating this burgeoning blossomy time the right way ‒ by eating!

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