Seven Sizzling Steaks To Fire Up Your Tastebuds

Seven Sizzling Steaks To Fire Up Your Tastebuds

Are you in need of a red meat fix? Perhaps your primal instincts have stirred and you’re experiencing carnivorous cravings? Forget the green stuff and sink your teeth into a steak ‒ the perfect cure for your voracious hunger.

We know that sometimes, some people have some kind of beef with the good ol’ steak. But after serious consideration, we’ve come to the conclusion that a beautiful cut of tender meat is just as satisfying as being delighted by another top quality Aussie export: Hugh Jackman.

While we don’t want to reduce this fine actor to a hunk of chuck, both Hugh and steak are the Triple Threat: exceptional TASTE (have you ever seen Hugh look anything but suave?), TENDERNESS (he can melt anyone’s heart) and TEXTURE (one word, Wolverine).

Here’s your challenge this week. Unleash your inner Wolverine and rip into seven juicy steaks.


Monday – Porterhouse Steak

Mondays are hard, so it is only fitting that you indulge in the ‘king’ of steaks the porterhouse. Did you know it’s actually two steaks in one? One side is a sirloin steak and the other, a large filet mignon. This thick steak will make sure you kick-start your week right.

Tuesday – Sirloin Steak

Tuesdays can be a bit dull. The weekend feels like a distant memory and Friday night seems an eternity away. So add some flavour to your bland Tuesday with a succulent sirloin.

Wednesday – Rump Steak

When it’s hump day you eat a rump. Enough said.

Thursday – Braised Steak

On Thursday savour a braised steak. This steak is slow cooked so you can devour a dish that is rich and tender. Towards the end of the week, there’s no time to slow cook a steak, so order in and save yourself the hassle!

Friday – Filet Mignon

On Friday enjoy a filet mignon that will melt in your mouth. This is the most tender cut, resulting in a delicious, soft, buttery texture. This popular steak is on the more expensive side, but it’s Friday after all so #treatyourself.

Saturday – Rib Eye Steak

The rib eye steak is a fave among meat lovers, and with its succulent marbling and juiciness, you can understand why! Order in a rib eye steak with a red wine sauce and you are doing Saturdays right!

Sunday – Flank Steak

If you crave some intense beef flavour you can’t go past a flank steak. This steak is best when marinated or grilled. Pair this tasty steak with a cold beer and relax on a Sunday arvo.



No matter what day of the week, there is a steak for you to sample. And Menulog is the place to grab your carnivorous feed. So order in and t-bone appétit.


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