Perfect Pizza - Halls Head

Italian Pizza

2, 4 Guava way, Halls Head, 6210

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Note: For years, Perfect Pizza in Hall’s Head has been serving up unique specialty pizzas that people continue to love. Here, you can find something a little different such as our pumpkin, Margherita or salmon pizza. We also feature classics such as chicken and avocado as well as Italian and Mexican pizzas. The lamb pizza with garlic, chili flakes and a slice of lemon is simply delectable. We have a wide selection of toppings and combinations to choose from. Be sure to remember dessert because we serve tiramisu, chocolate mousse and Ben & Jerrys ice cream.

10" (Small), 12" (Large), 15" (Family)

10" (Small), 12" (Large), 15" (Family)

10" (Small), 12" (Large), 15" (Family)

10" (Regular), 12" (Large), 15" (Family)

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