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  • Ribs Sensation
    • 1 x Drink
    • 1 x Ribssensation


  • Double Pizza Deal
    • 2 x Pizzas Large


  • Double Pasta Deal
    • 2 x Double Pasta


  • Family Dinner
    • 2 x 2 LRG Pizzas
    • 1 x Devil Wings
    • 1 x Pasta


  • Dinner For 2
    • 1 x Pizza
    • 1 x Garlic Bread


  • Pizza & Pasta
    • 1 x Pizza
    • 1 x Pasta



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The term “bistro” originally applied to small, modest Parisian restaurants serving cheap, simple meals. It’s actually thought that they began in the kitchens of apartment buildings where the price of a meal was included in board. Outside of France the word has taken on a slightly different meaning, referring to comfortable establishments providing low-key but hearty meals and often targeting enjoyable community dining. Typical bistro fare still draws influence from French (or broader European) cuisine, including cuts of beef and lamb, poultry, pies, stews and pasta. Wine is traditionally served along with beer and, increasingly, a range of spirits.

Bistros in Australia might range from eateries at the local RSL to fine establishments in the heart of the CBD. No longer merely for plain, hasty meals, bistros now serve up inventive dishes of excellent flavour and quality. One element that has always remained, however, is sense of comfort and community that pervades a bistro meal – and the certainty that the food will be enjoyable, filling and delicious.

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