Anar Charcoal Chicken - Croydon Park

Chicken Lebanese

224 Georges River Road, Croydon Park, 2133

Delivery from Sat 11:00

Note: Anar Charcoal Chicken is Croydon Parks go-to spot for delicious Middle Eastern takeaway and tender char-grilled chicken. Feed the whole crew with our family meal combo; it includes two whole chickens, a large order of chips, a gigantic salad, and a 1.25-liter beverage of your choice. In the mood for comfort food? Try our homebush burger, which is an all-beef patty with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese, barbecue sauce, and a fried egg. You cant go wrong with our home-cooked meats and veggies.

Chargrilled Lamb, Kafta or Chicken skewers

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