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10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth, 5112

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Are you looking for that place that sells cheap deli ham with no flavour, hardly puts any cheese on their doorstops, doesn't cut them in half and rushes the order so the cheese isn’t even properly melted? This isn’t that place.

Artificial flavours - check! Artificial sweeteners - check! Sugary fizzy yumminess - hell yeah check!

Well before that Juice company Boosted themselves on us with their hard banging of the plastic blender jugs and asking for our names, there were smoothies. Simple, fresh, and full of natural sweetness. Healthy before healthy was even a thing.

Remember the hot barista who used to serve us at that cafe? I wonder what happened to them? Should we try Facebook-stalking them? It was a long time ago, I’m sure they’ve moved on. But I feel like there was a real connection there. Remember that time they drew a love heart on my lid?

There’s only one thing better than a pancake and that’s TWO pancakes. When the pancakes are smothered with your favourite toppings they just become even betterer. And when someone adds a scoop of vanilla ice cream to those pancakes - well that’s just the bestest.

Fresh bread, buttered to the edges and filled with premium ingredients. It’s more than a sanga - it’s a heap good South Australian snack bar staple!

Remember when milkshakes were made with premium quality creamy vanilla ice cream, plenty of squirts of flavour syrup and served in a massive paper cup? Neither do we, but our nanna tells some great stories.

Back in the day you used to get a free little bite sized cookie on your saucer when you ordered a hot drink at a cafe. It was old, horrible, stale and gross. But it was free, and you weren’t expecting it - so you ate it anyway.

I’ll take 20 cents worth of mixed lollies, minimum chips wrapped in yesterdays newspaper, and a Sunny Boy ice block please - can you snip the corner off for me please?

The original Subway was a freshly baked oil panini packed with quality fillings. Get in the queue and I’ll grab some gloves!

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