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274, Seaford rd, Seaford, 3198

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Note: Belvedere Pizza in the Seaford area of Melbourne offers a great value for hungry families and is known for tantalising pizzas. Pizza dogs are a local favourite and only available at Belvedere Pizza! Seasoned potato wedges topped with mouthwatering mozzarella cheese, sour cream, and guacamole are another popular side item. There are various entrees to choose from, many featuring chicken or fish with international flavouring inspirations. Try our hot jam donuts for a memorable dessert.

Gluten Free may contain traces of gluten once pizza is made.

Food may contain traces of gluten, nuts, eggs, milk, dairy and sesame.

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All meals served with chips and the choice of Italian salad or vegetables.

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Sweet and Sour

Honey Mustard


Large traditional pizzas only

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