Cafe Michael 2

Thai Asian

204 Rundle st, Adelaide, 5000

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Note: Café Michael 2 located on Rundle Street in Adelaide was established in 1982 and boasts an extensive and authentic Thai menu with something to please everyone. Our award-winning family-owned restaurant is known for our traditional favourites such as pad Thai, red duck curry, crispy beef, and a wide range of Thai noodle dishes as well as Thai salads, curries, vegetable, and rice dishes. Some of the most popular dishes include Tom Yum Soup, Laksa and the Veggie or Prawn Spring Rolls. Choose from chicken, duck, beef, prawns, squid, seafood, pork, or crocodile. As a family-owned restaurant, we also feature a kid’s menu. Order your takeaway selections and indulge in the unique flavours of Thailand.

A generous serving of traditional Thai soups.

A traditional salad of mint, lemon chili, onions, lemongrass, and spices.

Khaw Soy.

No rice included

including rice

With vegetables and traditional spices

Strictly under 14 years old.

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