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Popular Street Food, Modern Recipes

Not just food but an emotion that satiate the soul. Simple and easy street

delights ready explode, releasing an array of rich, exotic symphony of

flavors in your mouth and leave you craving for more. Sit leisurely and

relish them, Indian street food is the enormous, lip-smacking labyrinth

where only exit is to eat your way out.

Our assemblage of curries at Gazab is the perfect example of what royal

cooking looks like. The silkiness of gravies, the layered flavors, exotic

spices subtle yet very present. The lengthy hours of simple and complex

cooking methods. It's a crackling showcase of absolute blend of robust

flavors of ingredients, sharpness of spices and freshness of herbs, not

like burning fire but

like smoldering amber.

Indian cuisine consist of various breads to pair with our spicy,

flavorsome hearty curries. The breads cooked in tandoor are the most loved

because of the distinct smokiness they get from the tandoor. The soft

pillowy butter naan or the flaky dhaba parantha or crispy rotis pick

whichever they all just compliment the curries like match made in heaven.

When the meal itself is loaded with rich ingredients and flavours, imagine

how the desserts of Punjab would be. Just like the whole cuisine the sweet

affair of Punjab is also lavish. They will warm your heart and serenade

your palate with their richness and lingering flavor.

We have crafted an array of desserts to culminate your culinary journey of

Punjab with a sweet memory.

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