Hachi Kichi

Japanese Asian

370 Bay Street, Brighton, 3186

Delivery from 12:00

Note: ***Food Allergy Notice: All gluten free DEEP FRIED

DISHES might contain traces of gluten ingredients

due to being processed in non gluten free

environment. Please be advised our restaurant is

unable to guarantee that any item can be completely

free of allergens***


GF.........Gluten Free

GFO......Gluten Free Optional

C...........Safe for "Coeliac"


VGN.....Vegan (no egg|dairy)

VGO.....Vegan Optional

Gf = Gluten Free.

GF = Gluten Free.

GF = Gluten Free.

Gf = Gluten Free

Gf = Gluten Free

With rice.

GF = Gluten Free.

Japanese charcoal grilled skewer (2 skewers)

Gf = Gluten Free

Lg = Low Gluten. Share dishes. Snack dishes.

GF = Gluten Free

Baby roll cut in 6 Pcs. All Gluten Free

Served with soy vinegar.

GF = Gluten Free.

GF = Gluten Free.

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