My Pie & Coffee Drive Thru

Drinks Bubble Tea

1475A Sydney Road, Campbellfield, 3061

Delivery from 06:30

With the help of our off-site bakery, we are able to bake fresh pies every day, all from the comfort of our compact kitchen! Our pies are never frozen, so our fresh pastry will always be perfectly crisp and flaky with piping-hot fillings.

The first Drive-thru Bubble Tea in Melbourne! We aim to get your order to you fast, and without having to leave your car! You'll be able to find all the popular favorites like Brown Sugar Milk Tea or Mango Fruit Tea, but we also offer something you can't find anywhere else. We've created the very first Energy Drink Bubble Teas! Check out our Red Bull, V & V Blue Bubble Teas!

All-Day Breakfast

Freshly baked desserts to go with your coffee. Our Desserts are made fresh and are absolutely delicious! We can tell our customers love them too, because we're selling out of our Fresh Vanilla Slice & Custard Tarts almost every day!

A consistently delicious cup of coffee, made possibly by AI-driven volumetric extraction. We have crafted a signature blend of beans sourced from international farms & growers in Colombia, Guatemala, Ethiopia & Kenya, micro-roasted locally in Melbourne.

Iced Drinks

We offer consistently delicious hot drinks, served fast enough to fit into your morning commute, or your late night cravings.

Cold Drinks

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