Naremburn Pizzeria

Pizza Italian

300 Willoughby rd, Naremburn, 2065

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Note: Naremburn Pizzeria in the Naremburn district of Sydney is famous for Italian food. There is the traditional Margarita with cheese, oregano and tomato sauce. Change things around by adding mushrooms, ham or olives. For those with a taste for something different, we offer prawns, scallops or anchovies. If you have a hard time committing to one pie, order the half-and-half, which gets you the best of two worlds. Our pastas delight customers with a range of sauces, including the classic Arabiata, the delectable fresh pesto, and the Siciliana with eggplants, olives, tomatoes and chilli.

All pizzas served on a homemade tomato sauce base with a special blend of pizza cheese and oregano.

Any pasta with any sauce.

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