Norlane Pizza

Italian Pizza

15 Donnybrook Road, Norlane, 3214

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Note: Norlane Pizza is located in the Geelong, Victoria, suburb of Norlane and is known for offering delicious gourmet pizzas as well as Italian pasta, chicken and veal dishes and unique homemade Turkish bread. Weve also got a sweet and satisfying selection of Italian desserts available, including a Nutella Calzone Pizza and baklava. Some of our most popular pizza options include the mouth-watering Greek Pizza and the Prosciutto Italiano. The selection of main dishes and pastas is great as well. Choose from favourites like chicken souvlaki, chicken wings, steak sandwiches, lasagne, alfredo, marinara and Bolognese. Were open for takeaway seven days a week.

Medium - 10"

Large - 13"

Family - 15"

Medium Gluten Free - 11"

Large - 13'

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