Queens Park Pizza at Maroubra

Pizza Pasta

16 "A" Maroubra Road , Maroubra, 2035

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$25 min. order

Note: Queens Park Pizza in Maroubra, Sydney, continues to deliver hot, fresh, thin crust traditional and gourmet pizzas that are a real hit with locals. Our extensive menu gives everyone a chance to get what he or she loves. We offer all of your traditional favourite pizzas, including the Margherita, Hawaiian, Aussie, Meat Lovers, and more. Try our Queens Park Special with pepperoni, ham, Cabanossi, veal, and bacon. Our gourmet selections include smoked prosciutto, chorizo, and Moroccan lamb as well as vegetarian options. Youll also love our pasta, risotto, salads, sides, and desserts. Our complete Italian menu is sure to please.

Served with Cream or Ice Cream

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