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Vegetarian Soup or Noodle Soup


Fresh yumminess of greens, vermicelli, herbs and a choice of protein/meat wrapped in rice paper and dipped in a choice of peanut sauce or nuoc mam (fish) sauce.

A fusion of French influence and Vietnamese taste, banh mi offers a fulfilling break from common sandwiches. A fresh, crusty French baguette lathered with a creamy special homemade egg

mayonnaise, pate and filled with a choice of meat/protein before the roll is topped with crunchy vegetables, pickled daikon & carrot, and of course, coriander and zesty chilli (optional). Many elegant

selections of :

Soup No Noodle

These savoury pancakes are stuffed with a choice of protein, mushroom, and crunchy bean sprouts served with salty and sweets dipping sauce to complete the taste explosion. To be shared with

friends over lots of laughter, these messy pancakes epitomise the energy of Vietnamese street food.

This crunchy, salty and zesty Viet salad or coleslaw is topped with a choice of protein, crunchy pickled daikon, carrot, sliced onion, and fresh cucumber served with zesty Saigon Express nuoc

mam sauce to complete the taste explosion. This healthy and filling Viet salad dish is a \"must\" try option that you should not go pass.

Pho embodies the richness of flavour and lightness of texture that characterises Vietnamese cuisine. It is a noodle soup consisting of broth, flat rice noodles called banh pho a few herbs and meat.

Let's not forget the garnish: coriander, spring onions and chilli, with a squeeze of lemon juice to top it off.

Special rice vermicelli noodles, overloaded with crunchy greens like lettuce, cucumber, pickled carrots and lots of fresh herbs. Topped with a variety of meat options. At Saigon Express, we added a

twist and offer a rice alternative with an option of flavours including

A rice dish with an assortment of yumminess on top of a bed of steamed rice and drizzled with a small bowl of dipping sauce is a customary accompaniment that adds saltiness to this texturally rich meal.

It is generally served with finely sliced cucumber and pickled vegetables that offer a sweetness and crispy texture.

Sweet & Sour or Plum or Satay or Chilli or Cashew or Black Bean or Ginger & Shallot or Sizzling Garlic or Mongolian or Lemongrass & Chilli or Tamarind or Green Curry or Vietnamese Basil Sauce or

Honey Garlic

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