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Explore a curated selection of our specialty dishes, thoughtfully recommended by our expert chef for a delightful dining experience.

Discover our highly acclaimed dishes that have captured the hearts of our patrons.

Begin your culinary journey with our selection of appetizers. These tantalizing bites are perfect to whet your appetite before your Main Meal

Elevate your senses with our Thai Soups, a tantalising blend of exotic flavours from the heart of Thailand.

Immerse yourself in the rich and aromatic world of Thai barbecue. Our expertly grilled dishes are infused with the authentic flavours of Thailand

Explore the vibrant world of Thai salads. From the tangy Som Tum to the aromatic Larb, our salads are a celebration of Thai culinary artistry.

Each stir-fry creation is served with a medley of mixed vegetables and your preferred choice of protein.

Explore a delightful array of noodle and fried rice dishes, each prepared with the finest ingredients and seasoned to perfection.

Delight in the rich tapestry of traditional Thai and South East Asian curries, customized with your choice of protein.

Dive into the sumptuous world of our whole fried snapper. These dishes features a perfectly cooked snapper, smothered in traditional Thai sauces

Select from our variety of rice options to accompany your meal, ensuring the perfect pairing for your culinary delight.

Enhance your dining experience with our delectable side dishes, thoughtfully crafted to complement your meal.

Complete your dining experience with our selection of delectable desserts and refreshing beverages.

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