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GF = Gluten Free.

Railway Goat Curry delivers a fusion of slow cooked tender goat on-the-bone with speciality spices creating an aromatic delight with every bite.

GF = Gluten Free.

Dairy free, plant-based British-Indian curries.

You don't have to be vegan to enjoy delicous, nutritious plant-based, dairy free vegan Indian curries - try one today!

GF = Gluten Free.

Tadka Daal can be best described as a wholesome, nutritious and a delicious choice for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. A must try!

GF = Gluten Free.

Create your own custom (and delicious) curry in three simple steps!

Biryani dishes can be made: Medium or Hot.

GF = Gluten Free.

Available for children aged 10-years or under.

Hot chips and butter chicken sauce is no doubt a winner for kids! Nothing to be picky about; just dip your chips, crunch, munch and enjoy!

GF = Gluten Free.

Paulo rice is infused with saffron and butter, complimenting your curry and delivering a balance of flavours - a popular choice of diners.

A freshly baked -to-order Naan, Roti or Paratha is the perfect side with any curry choice. Dip into your curry or enjoy on its own-it's up to you!

GF = Gluten Free.

The start of any great meal is only ever complete with a sweet ending.

Gulab jamun is the perfect way to finish your British-Indian dinner. Served with ice-cream, this dessert hits the spot - everytime.

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