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331 Penshurst St , Willoughby, 2068

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Note: Top Speed Thai in the Willoughby area of Sydney is known for flavourful Thai cuisine. Were famous for our Sweet Chilli Jam Combo with chicken, beef, vegetables and sweet chilli jam sauce. Check out one of our customer favourites such as our Kaeng Phed Pedyang, which is roasted duck, spicy red curry, pineapple, lychee and cherry tomatoes. If you want to try one of our popular lamb dishes, enjoy our Massaman Lamb Cutlets. It includes grilled marinated lamb, Massaman curry sauce, Thai spices, mashed potatoes, onions and cashew nuts.

V = Vegetarian also available, GF = Gluten Free, * = contains chilli, # = contains peanuts

All dishes come with vegetable.

All dishes come with vegetable.

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