Happy Inn

Chinese Asian

401 High st, Penrith, 2750

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Note: At the Happy Inn in Penrith, New South Wales, were known for offering a broad assortment of delicious, traditional Chinese dishes to choose from. Our comprehensive menu offers diners the ability to select an ingredient-specific dish or choose a mixed combo meal. The Happy Inn is particularly well-known for specialties like Empress Fillet Steak, Cantonese Chicken, Sliced Pork with Pine Nuts, and San Choi Bow, a delightful blend of finely minced pork, water chestnuts, onions, and mushrooms, cooked with oyster sauce and rolled in lettuce. We also offer an international cuisine menu just for children.

(4 Skewers in serve) Famous home made Malaysian sate sauce, choice of chicken, steak or prawns served with lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

Tasty satay sauce with chilli, peanut butter, garlic, surrounded with lettuce & topped with crushed nuts.

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