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Delhi Hutt - Lane Cove

17:30 - 21:00
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Lane Cove
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Prawn JalFarezi delivery from local restaurants

Prawns are a beloved ingredient both in Australian cuisine and among takeaway meals connected to foreign cuisines, which is why Prawn JalFarezi is such a popular dish. JalFarezi is a kind of curry that originates from Pakistan and consists of a thick sauce resulting from frying vegetables, fish or meat that have been marinated beforehand. Spices are also added, including green chillies, which provides a varying amount of heat, according to preference. Tomatoes, onions and capsicums are also typically included in the cooking process. The dish is served with cream, in order to balance the heat given by the chillies.

What takeaway Prawn JalFarezi can I order online?
A common takeaway meal in Australia, Prawn JalFarezi can be ordered from Indian restaurants or British Indian restaurants, since the dish is actually quite popular within Great Britain’s substantial Indian community.
Instead of the usual chicken, fish or mutton, this particular dish is cooked with prawns which have been previously prepped with a special spiced marinade. The most important of these spices are, of course, the green chillies, because they give the dish its signature Indian heat that diners crave. Other notable spices are turmeric and black pepper, also particular to Indian cuisine, which offer a unique flavour to Prawn JalFarezi.

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Delhi Hutt - Lane Cove

Overall 8.3 |  Food 10  |  Value 8  |  Speed 7

Really good curry (and that's from an Indian). As my family would say "It's a good kanna".

Angela - January 2018
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