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George's Gourmet Pizzeria

11:00 - 22:00
Min order
Bella Vista
  • Pizza Pack 1 - Save Up to $5.50
    • 1 x Large Traditional Pizza
    • 1 x Large Garlic Pizza
    • 1 x Soft Drink (1.25L)


  • Pizza Pack 2 - Save Up to $6.50
    • 2 x Large Traditional Pizza
    • 1 x Garlic Bread Roll
    • 1 x Soft Drink (1.25L)


  • Mixed Pack - Save Up to $5.50
    • 1 x Large Traditional Pizza
    • 1 x Pastas
    • 1 x Small Garlic Pizza
    • 1 x Soft Drink (1.25L)


  • Family Pack - Save Up to $6.50
    • 2 x Family Traditional Pizza
    • 1 x Small Garlic Pizza
    • 1 x Soft Drink (1.25L)


Hyde Park Pizza Bar

16:30 - 21:30
Min order
  • First order discount

    Get 15% off your 1st online order

  • Free Item

    Order $30 or more Bonus FREE 1 x BONUS Free Garlic Bread

Mia Pizza

17:00 - 21:00
Min order

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Meat Lovers Pizza delivery from local restaurants

This is the pizza that pulls no punches. The name gives it all away: this is the pizza for dedicated (and hungry) carnivores. Vegetarians need not apply. There’s nothing subtle about the meat lover’s. It’s big, it’s bold and it’s chock full of almost any meat you can imagine. If in the mood for a meaty meal, nothing but a meat lover’s pizza will do.

It’s doubtful that the meat lover’s was invented by the Italians, who prefer their pizzas simple and light, but it certainly owes a lot to Italian cuisine. Like any pizza, the secret to a good meat lover’s is the crust. In order to support its generous bounty of meats, the meat lover’s requires a crust that’s sturdy – but not too sturdy – and crispy enough to last a meal without growing soggy.

The most common base to a meat lover’s is tomato sauce, but recently BBQ sauce has grown in popularity, most likely influenced by American tastes. Certain vegetables are allowed to grace the meat lover’s with their presence; apart from the ever-present tomato, onion, capsicum and olives are also often found on the pizza.

Understandably, when it comes to the meat lover’s pizza the meat is everything. A good meat lover’s will use great quality ingredients to make a dish that’s hearty and filling without being too heavy or greasy. Beef mince is a common inclusion, and is often accompanied by a variety of preserved meats or sausages like salami, cabanossi, pepperoni and sometimes chorizo.

Ham is also frequently present on the meat lover’s, either in its normal form or as prosciutto or even pancetta. Bacon is, of course, a must. The cheese is also very important: since the meat provides so much salt and flavour, the pizza is generally rounded off with a milder cheese like mozzarella, although feta and parmesan are not uncommon.

Along with the margherita, Hawaiian and supreme, the meat lover’s pizza has found its way into the regular rotation of Australian pizza delivery. Whichever Italian restaurant you order from, wherever in the world you go, you can generally rest assured that the meat lover’s pizza will be reliably delicious: a tasty and generous protein hit on an edible plate.

Recent reviews

George's Gourmet Pizzeria

Overall 8.7 |  Food 10  |  Value 9  |  Speed 7

Best pizza in the area. Goerge hasnt changed since he moved into the fancy pants Circa shop. Great pasta as well and good service

bob - January 2018

Hyde Park Pizza Bar

Overall 8.3 |  Food 7  |  Value 8  |  Speed 10

We purchased 4 party size pizzas and they were enjoyed by those present, however I found the food to be too salty and this... Read more

Bruce - December 2017

Mia Pizza

Overall 9 |  Food 10  |  Value 7  |  Speed 10

Love Mia pizzas the tropical was delicious and very loaded, The supreme also had a lot of toppings defiantly good value.... Read more

Dylan - November 2017
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