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Siam Taste Thai Restaurant

16:30 - 21:30
Min order
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  • Family Set
    • 1 x Curry Puff (V)
    • 1 x Satay Chicken
    • 1 x Green Curry Chicken
    • 1 x Pad Cashew Nut Pork
    • 2 x Coconut Rice


Thai Patcharin

17:00 - 22:00
Min order
West End
  • Free Item

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Goong Hom Pah Delivery from Local Restaurants
Goong hom pah is a Thai creation that bears similarities to other Asian dishes. Basically goong hom pah is a fried spring roll containing prawns, but there are subtleties to the dish not mirrored in other cuisines. The Thai aspect is accentuated by the prawn's marinade. Lime juice (or vinegar) serves as the basis of the marinade; the high acid is a requisite to tenderise king or tiger prawns. These large prawns are further flavoured by the inclusion of garlic, kefir lime leaves, lemon grass and chillies. Once wrapped in their flour dough wrap, they spend a little time in the fryer to arrive as crispy morsels that are simultaneously flavoured by fried and tropical notes.
What Takeaway Goong Hom Pah Can I Order Online?
Goong hom pah is a Thai dish and takeaway may be acquired at like restaurants. Similar dishes are definitely available from other Asian restaurants, but spend the time to locate a Thai supplier of the dish. The citrus notes from the marinade penetrate into the deepest regions of the prawn and combined well with the seafood flavours there. Sweet chilli sauce is often served as a side, but you may find it unneeded.
Goong hom pah is commonly eaten as an appetiser to a larger meal, but for quick meals, the combination of high protein seafood and its finger food nature makes it ideal for a fast stop for nourishment.

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Siam Taste Thai Restaurant

Overall 10 |  Food 10  |  Value 10  |  Speed 10

Absolutely love ordering from Siam Taste. Their food is always 15 minutes earlier then time given, food is always piping hot... Read more

Casey - January 2018
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